19 – 04 – 2021

Here are 5 easy steps to boost Merchandise sales!

Increasing sales on Merchandise is a primary goal for all artists, big or small. It can sometimes look easier than it is. But with these 5 steps it’ll give you a leg up!

1. Champion and promote you wearing your own merch!

First things first, your fans and followers want to see you wearing the merch they’d be buying. It makes them feel more part of your brand and to own a physical piece of the experience your music offers, it means a lot to your supporters.

2. Gift to your influential friends online

Merchandise is more than “free advertising” for your brand. It’s also made to be fashionable and chic! By giving your friends your merch it’s also showing that you don’t have to be a huge fan to be able to wear what you have created. This also diversifies your presence online.

3. Merch Giveaway

When you give, you get! By setting up a giveaway you’re doing two things at once, allowing fans to share your brand to others while giving them an opportunity to snag one of your merch for free! Win, Win!

4. Re-post fans wearing merch on your Instagram stories

What better way to get more fans excited about receiving merch by showing others, that are yet to purchase one, that they can be featured in your very own story! By doing this fans feel valued and seen and they’re more likely to be repeat buyers!

5. Be creative online with your merch!

Pictures are great, but don’t forget the videos! Let your fans see merch in motion, Creativity doesn’t necessarily mean elaborate videos and smart-editing. It could simply be you on your day off, doing a Q&A wearing your merch or singing one of your songs to the camera.

With these 5 simple and straightforward tips you should be able to boost sales and have everyone championing your merch!

Contact us at merchteam@weareinstrumental.com to start your Merch journey today.

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