About Instrumental.

Instrumental uses machine learning to discover emerging independent talent for the music and entertainment industry.

Powering partnerships for independent musicians.

The most exciting new artists on the planet are not part of the traditional label system. They are self-distributing their music and marketing themselves on social media. They have no label and often no management.

Yet they are already the fastest growing sector of the industry in terms of value and driving high levels of engagement amongst young music fans across the globe.

But independence creates problems. How do you connect with the partners you need to grow your commercial success? And how do those partners find artists that matter to their business.

Instrumental solves that problem using data science to identify, track, profile and rank daily the global ‘DIY’ artist sector. We then facilitate commercial partnerships between the most exciting creators and our clients.

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Powering partnerships for independent musicians.

Our story.


Data-driven music discovery

In 2015, Calum Scott’s bedroom-recorded YouTube cover of Dancing on my Own topped the Instrumental scouting charts. The high engagement, coupled with audience data and analytics, indicated a high-potential track.


Signing a million-selling single from data alone

In partnership with Calum’s management, we developed a data-driven social-only launch plan and commercially released the track. The track went on to sell 200,000 units in the UK while signed to Instrumental.


Increased investment into data science

Calum was then upstreamed to Capitol records, and the success of our own experience using data to drive artist discovery inspired our continued investment in data-driven scouting.

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A solutions team made for the streaming first world.

A solutions team made for the streaming first world.

The streaming revolution has turned the music industry upside down. Artists are now in control which means industry and other partners need to adapt their ways of working and business models to the new generation of talent.

The Instrumental team are experts in the sector and on hand to develop solutions tailored to specific problems or challenges. We work tirelessly to support all our clients in driving success - whether they are subscription or partnership customers. 

Our partners and investors.

Instrumental is proud to be part of the Blenheim Chalcot (BC) portfolio of businesses. BC is one of the UK’s most dynamic business incubators and the backers of Conrad Withey’s previous venture (The Rights Company, sold to Warner Music Group in 2006).

Alongside BC, Instrumental investors include ex-MTV International CEO Bill Roedy, ex-StarCom Mediavest CEO Stewart Easterbrook, digital entrepreneur Michael Tobin OBE and ex-Fremantle Media Head of Digital and Channel Flip CEO Claire Tavernier.

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Our partners and investors.
Instrumental's Promise:

Instrumental's Promise:

A state of the art A&R scouting platform.

The ongoing development of our music scouting platform and machine learning capabilities will help Instrumental continue to deliver predictive analytics to identify high potential artists at an early stage.

We also work on special projects, customising our platform and data to your specific scouting needs.

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