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Instrumental uses machine learning to discover emerging talent, predominantly for the music and entertainment industry. Our proprietary platform is the leading online scouting tool used by record labels, music publishers, live promoters, book publishers and a select number of consumer brands to identify high value artists and creators for commercial partnerships.

Re-inventing talent scouting

Tens of thousands of tracks are uploaded to music streaming platforms everyday. Even more music content is posted to social networks every hour. What is certain is that the 'next big thing' will emerge online first & isn't sending in demos to labels or waiting to have management make introductions.

The challenge now is how to cut through the noise and discover future stars and hits before anyone else. That is a job that cannot be done manually.

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TalentAI, initially developed to use in-house to build Instrumental's own label, is a SaaS platform available to anyone looking for new high potential artists and recordings online.

The machine learning capabilities of the tool were developed in partnership with Foshpa (one of the UK's most advanced data engineering and analytics businesses) and help talent scouts filter through the digital ocean of music and get to the prospects that matter to their business.

Through Spotify & key social (Instagram, YouTube & Facebook) API data tracking, machine learning driven talent filters and a UX informed by insights from real label and talent scouts the platform is now supporting a wide variety of major labels, independents, live promoters and other media businesses in their scouting endeavours.

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Instrumental’s team brings together expertise from across the music industry and tech sector. 

The business was co-founded by Conrad Withey (previously President of Warner Music Entertainment and VP of Universal Pictures Visual Programming) & Abi Hanna (previously Head of Marketing for Penguin Books).

Instrumental is proud to count a number of active, independent artists within its team who provide invaluable insights to the process of audience development and discovery in a streaming world.


Instrumental is proud to be part of the Blenheim Chalcot (BC) portfolio of businesses. BC is one of the UK’s most dynamic business incubators and the backers of Conrad Withey’s previous venture (The Rights Company, sold to Warner Music Group in 2006).

Alongside BC, Instrumental investors include ex-MTV International CEO Bill Roedy, ex-StarCom Mediavest CEO Stewart Easterbrook, digital entrepreneur Michael Tobin OBE and ex-Fremantle Media Head of Digital and Channel Flip CEO Claire Tavernier.

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