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Instrumental finds talent that drives sales. We use our tech to save consumer brand marketers time and money in their influencer marketing. But it all started in the music sector looking for the next big thing......

Re-Inventing Talent Scouting

With thousands of artists now posting content daily to social video platforms the next big thing will emerge on line and won’t send in a demo to record labels.

The challenge was how to discover and track star talent before anyone else, and with literally millions of hopefuls around the world a manual solution wasn’t viable.

By building social API tracking capabilities, talent filters and machine learning to identify growth potential, Instrumental created the world’s first tech driven A&R tool that today supports Warner Music’s global talent scouting endeavours.

Instrumental struck gold when it identified the potential in Calum Scott’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ cover ‐ initially just a homemade video posted to Calum’s YouTube channel. Engagement radars highlighted the potential of the track which was released initially through Instrumental’s own label. It went on to be the biggest selling single by a British artist in 2016.

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In early 2016 Instrumental began to deploy its digital scouting platform to the benefit of non-music partners and branded it TalentAI. By changing the filters our technology and support team are just as able to identify the next Jamie Oliver as they are the next Justin Bieber and find emerging influencers in every possible vertical that can drive sales for consumer brands across the world.

Instrumental’s ‘Brand A&R’ approach is now supporting clients from across the media, eCommerce and consumer brand worlds and solving a wide variety of talent, creator and influencer discovery briefs, often with an emphasis on fast growing, emerging talent.

Clients include Pepsico, Coty, BBC, NBC, Live Nation, Style Haul and Bic. 

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Instrumental’s team brings together expertise from across the worlds of media, digital agency and consumer brands to create a full-service solution for our clients.

The business was co-founded by Conrad Withey (previously President of Warner Music Entertainment and VP of Universal Pictures Visual Programming) & Abi Hanna (previously Head of Marketing for Penguin Books).


Instrumental is proud to be part of the Blenheim Chalcott (BC) portfolio of businesses. BC is one of the UK’s most dynamic business incubators and the backers of Conrad Withey’s previous venture (The Rights Company, sold to Warner Music Group in 2006).

Alongside BC, Instrumental investors include Warner Music UK, ex-MTV International CEO Bill Roedy, ex-StarCom Mediavest CEO Stewart Easterbrook, digital entrepreneur Michael Tobin OBE and ex-Fremantle Media Head of Digital and Channel Flip CEO Claire Tavernier.

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