Powering partnerships with independent artists.

We are Instrumental. We create commercial partnerships between the world's leading independent artists and the music industry, media or brand owners.

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Transforming the way media and brands create, use and monetise music.

Leveraging TalentAI, our data driven music discovery platform.

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Powering music partnerships globally.

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Who Instrumental helps.

Instrumental's platform & team connect exciting new independent talent with unique media, brand and other music industry partnership opportunities.

Helps TV & film producers turn music from a cost into a revenue stream through creative/commercial partnerships.

Saves music labels and distributors time and money discovering & signing new recordings and artists.

Uses data science to match the right artists & music for brand advertisers and helps reduce the cost of licensing. 

Location driven scouting for live promoters, agents,
and festivals.

Helping games producers to identify and partner with the most exciting new music talent on the planet to drive amazing experiences for the players.

Hyper efficient talent and sound matching for creative agencies looking to find the right music for specific briefs. 

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More About Who We Help

What our clients say.

We believe in our product, but don’t just take our word for it! Check out what some of our happy customers have to say about our music scouting platform.

  • “Instrumental data is a fantastic tool for us and super easy to use, their support and flexibility has been invaluable when information is needed quickly, a great service!”
    Rich Hampson, Global Head of Media
    ImageSound Group

The Instrumental team.

We work closely with all our clients to ensure you achieve your goals. That's why we provide:

In depth briefing sessions

In depth briefing sessions

Full account management

Full account management

Bespoke talent & music solutions

Bespoke talent & music solutions

More About Our Team
Instrumental's Promise:

Instrumental's Promise:

A cutting edge talent discovery platform.

The ongoing development of our music scouting platform and machine learning capabilities will help Instrumental continue to deliver predictive analytics to identify and match high potential artists to our clients needs.

We also deliver bespoke data science solutions, special projects and custom platforms to solve specific needs. Get in touch to explore your ideas with our team.

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