Powering partnerships with independent artists.

We are Instrumental. We accelerate the careers of high potential, independent artists through data driven commercial partnerships. Click below to see if you qualify to join us.

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What do we do?

At Instrumental we use data driven insights to help quality independent artists grow their fan base, stream more music and develop their commercial partnerships.

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Some of our industry partners:

Live Nation
Sony Music
Symphonic Distribution

How Instrumental helps artists (beyond the data):

Our mission is to use our data to help match talent to the right commercial partners and solutions for them.

Our record label, frtyfve, delivers industry leading, streaming first solutions on a track by track basis.  

Our network of creatives, including producers, songwriters, designers and photographers, helps our artists to continually improve. 

frtyfve songs offers a flexible global publishing solution to ensure our artists' compositions are correctly registered and royalties collected. 

Instrumental's Hot Artist Alerts and Digital Showcases profile exciting new talent to the world's leading live agents, promoters, labels and brands. 

Our Merch Team are leading the industry with flexible solutions that deliver high quality products to your fans - wherever they are in the world.

We act as a matchmaker for some of the world's leading labels, agencies and brands looking to identify the most exciting emerging artists on the planet. 

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More About Who We Help

What our partners say about us.

We've always believed in using data to match artists to commercial opportunities - but don’t just take our word for it! Check out what some of our enterprise partners have to say.

  • “Instrumental data is a fantastic tool for us and super easy to use, their support and flexibility has been invaluable when information is needed quickly, a great service!”
    Rich Hampson, Global Head of Media
    ImageSound Group

The Instrumental team.

Our team combines cutting edge engineering and data science with industry expertise to create a true next generation music business:

Driving commercial growth

Driving commercial growth

Building partnerships

Building partnerships

Sharing expertise

Sharing expertise

More About Our Team
Instrumental's Mission:

Instrumental's Mission:

Empowering a new generation of talent

At Instrumental our goal is to discover and then empower a new generation of artists to build long term success in the music business. We believe that it is essential to have the right tools, data and insights to help you grow your audience, streams and income - especially when you are independent. 

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