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How to use our A&R scouting platform.

A range of defined parameters helps identify the highest-potential tracks and artists that best match your needs - we call this hyper-personalisation for music scouting.

Find only the very newest tracks gaining traction by choosing the date of release.

Scout for only unsigned artists by selecting our signed or unsigned filter to tailor your search results.

Fine-tune the genre of artist or track to only hear the sounds you are interested in.

Unearth artists with high audience engagement by applying the direct follower metric.

Filter by Echo Nest characteristics including level of valence, speechness, liveness, instrumentalness, energy and danceability.

Select the countries you are interested in to ensure you reach your target audiences by using our ISRC code filter.

Who Uses Our Platform
Instrumental's Promise:

Instrumental's Promise:

A state of the art A&R scouting platform.

The ongoing development of our music scouting platform and machine learning capabilities will help Instrumental continue to deliver predictive analytics to identify high potential artists at an early stage.

We also work on special projects, customising our platform and data to your specific scouting needs.

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